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Certified Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Master

Certified Yoga Instructor (Hatha 200 hr.)

Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner

I am honored to have studied under a few of the worlds best Mediums, from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England.


I have studied with one of the country’s leading Psychic Investigators, participating in psychic investigations, missing persons and cold case files from around the world.


   Deidra's Story

I would like to start by thanking the teachers in my life ~

To all of my friends, loved ones and acquaintances, Thank you. I believe with all of my heart, we meet through divine guidance. 

All of the experiences we share good, bad or indifferent are life lessons. Thank you for helping me grow in this lifetime xo.


I knew as a young child I was different...

I have alway felt a presence of protection watching over me. Most of my experiences started out in dreams and premonitions.

After having my own children, this all began to become much stronger and would occur more often.

It was more than just a mothers intuition.

Having such experiences, ultimately led me to question the possibilities outside of our physical realm. 

During a very difficult time, I began to ask in prayer for more guidance and direction in my life. I began to ask the Universe...

“What was my Soul purpose in this life ?” 


I began to feel an urgent need to know more..


I needed to know more spiritually, as well as understanding higher levels of consciousness. I began researching topics on metaphysics, psychic awareness and the human energy fields. 

It was all so fascinating to me, I couldn't get enough. My dream messages started merging with my waking states. Becoming highly sensitive, much more than ever before, I began to evolve in my “new skin”.

Just when I began to feel comfortable, the universe threw me a curve ball.

A life changing, divine experience.

I clearly knew without a doubt it was time for me to acknowledge my souls purpose. 

My mediumship abilities quickly began to flourish naturally and

I had never felt more alive! I knew I could never deny my abilities, as it was all so clear to me.

Over the years I have truly come to understand that being a Medium allows me to be a part of something greater than myself:  

giving a voice to our loved ones in Spirit, who are ready to be heard.

I feel so blessed to share in the experience of healing through Mediumship. The healing happens between both worlds, the living and those who have transitioned.

Our loved ones are also here to help us on our journey in life. It makes their heart sing when they realize that we understand this.  


I truly honor my abilities

It is an honor to work with my clients for healing on many levels, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

My wish for my clients is simple, to experience the magic within themselves.

Whether it be through energy healing, past life regression, yoga, psychic guidance or mediumship.

 A blending of energies, working together creating heartfelt life changing experiences.

 We always receive exactly what is meant to be heard in a session. It is free will if we choose to embrace it.

               Above all things, I am a mother of two amazing human beings. I am forever grateful they chose me to be their mother.


In Love and Light


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