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Deidra Solis

 Psychic ∙ Medium ∙ Mentor ∙ Teacher


       Multi-dimensional Healing



Deidra believes that the foundation of all healing begins with faith and energy. In her work, she introduces her clients to the awareness of the subtle energies which flow within us.

Everything in the universe, begins and evolves with energy.

Energy never dies- it may change form, but it never fades away to nothingness.

True healing starts within our energy fields. In the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our consciousness.


Being a natural born medium, Deidra is a messenger between two worlds, who works in tandem with her guides and her clients’ loved ones, as they are ready to step forward.

A mediumistic experience allows us to open our minds to the energetic emanation of Spirit, and the continuity of life. 

This will help deliver messages of love and hope often needed for healing and closure.


Deidra is grateful for every opportunity to share in the healing experience for each of her clients.


  “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles,    leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its      destination full of hope.”

                      - Maya Angelou

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“You are the artist of your masterpiece. You choose the colors, the canvas, people and scenery . You have the power to make it all come alive.”


Begin to see the magic within your world.


“Deidra has touched my life, as well as my family and friends. Helping me feel peace at my lowest and most lost times. Deidra is an amazing human being. Her insights and interpretations are gentle and carefully explained.It’s completely natural for her. 

I am blessed to have been able receive her insights over the years. Finding myself in the right direction for whatever I am searching for. 

All of my readings with her have been heart warming and helpful. Covering various topics, opening my mind to things I have not been able to see on my own.” 


- Jami S.


Love Never Dies

“I am committed to receiving evidential information during a session with my clients and their loved ones. The mediumistic experience is revealing the continuity of life. The Soul does continue on after we transition from the physical world.”



Mediumship Sessions

45, 60, or 90 minute sessions.


Working with Energy for Healing

1 hour Sessions


Mentorship in Psychic and Mediumistic abilities

Psychic classes are a Prerequisite to Mediumship classes

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Psychic Signatures Podcast

Exploring mystical experiences, auras, parapsychology and esoteric ideas. I invite you to find empowerment in your own abilities, as well as open your mind to exploring the unseen realms we live alongside. 


       Are you ready to awaken to your own unique Psychic Signature?

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